I am a licensed clinical social worker with years of experience in helping people deal effectively with many of the challenges and transitions of life. I work with those facing problems of career, job loss, financial upheavals, health, aging, and life direction. I have a special expertise in helping the bereaved and those facing loss of any type. I help people cope with the challenges of marriage, separation, divorce, step-parenting, and blended families, as well as the stresses of addiction, alcoholism and codependency.

Military families often face special challenges, some of which arise from post-traumatic stress and reentry into civilian life. I use various modalities in helping these families, such as traditional talk therapy as well as alternative approaches like EMDR. Helping people cope with and manage difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and phobias is often a focus of therapy.  

My work is guided by the basic goal of helping people to resolve their life challenges, learn effective coping strategies, and to reach their full potential in a supportive, respectful, and empathic environment. All treatments are fully confidential. I accept many insurance plans, and do my best to help people make use of their health benefits with as much ease as possible.  I provide therapeutic services to:

• adults

• individuals

• families

• couples

• the elderly


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Lynne Farbman, LCSW-C

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Executive Plaza 1

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